Vacon/Danfossin Producta 1 kiinteistö Vaasa Airport Parkissa

Producta I

Runsorintie 7, Vaasa

Competion year: 2005 and 2008
Size: 5828 + 7904 gross square meters

In two phases between 2006 and 2008, Vaasa Parks built production facilities for use by Vacon Oyj (today part of the Danfoss Group) and the DHL Group. The facilities were tailored to meet the needs of the users, which included the assembly of variable-frequency drives and inbound logistics operations. Producta I company’s both buildings were sold to Varma in 2008 and later became part of a property complex owned by Logicor Oy. They are current owned by Danske Bank’s real estate fund management company.

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