VP Facilities builds, maintains and manages premises

VP Facilities builds business premises in the Vaasa region, tailored to the needs and wishes of your company. With 20 years of experience, we take care of projects focusing on agility, high-quality and cost-effective methodology.

VP Facilities started its operations as a legal entity in November 2018 when the diffusion of Oy Vaasa Parks Ab occurred. In this diffusion, VP Facilities was allocated the responsibility for the business area started by Oy Vaasa Parks Ab in 2007, involving the customisation of premises for companies according to their wishes.

Developer of office, production and logistics buildings

We are primarily a developer of office, production and logistics buildings in the Vaasa region. In principle, we do not act as a long-term real estate investor, but aim to sell the buildings to real estate investment companies after their completion.

VP Facilities works in close cooperation with Vaasa Parks and its parent company Vaasa Facilita, sharing the same premises and the same team of experts. The company operates on market terms and does not seek, for example, loan guarantees from the City.

VP Facilities is owned by: