VP Facilitiesin omistama EnergyLab-rakennus

EnergyLab Vaasa

Yliopistonranta 1, Vaasa

Completion year: 2016
Size: 3268 gross square meters

A product development, research and training laboratory located in the Palosaari district of Vaasa. Its main user is the University of Vaasa. EnergyLab is the first step towards a larger, nationally significant energy technology park in Vaasa and has the potential to house research and development facilities and other business premises totalling about 17,000 m2.

Also known as Vaasa Energy Business Innovation Centre (VEBIC), the property was completed in 2016, and Vaasa Parks was the developer and contractor for the project. After the demerger of Vaasa Parks’ operations in 2018, the shares in the EnergyLab property company were transferred in full to VP Facilities. In 2023, the property was sold to the University of Vaasa.

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