The Switch logo Vaasa Parksin rakennuttamassa Producta 2 -kiinteistössä

Producta II

Yrittäjänkatu 11, Vaasa

Completion year: 2008
Size: 5052 gross square meters

In 2008, Vaasa Parks built a property – Producta II – tailored to the needs of The Switch. It mainly offers production space, but also includes some office areas. The property’s production facilities are highly utilised for the product development, testing and production activities of The Switch, which is now part of the Yaskawa Group. After the demerger of Vaasa Parks’ operations in 2018, the shares in the property company were transferred in full to VP Facilities. The ownership of the property was transferred to Wasa NNT-Invest Oy in 2018.

Contact person: Mikko Harju and Ulla Mäki-Lohiluoma

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