Powergate II

Puotikuja 2, Vaasa

Completion year: 2019
Size: 6186  + 6282  + 4196 gross square meters

The second Powergate office complex built for use by Wärtsilä was completed during autumn 2019. When the new building was completed, about 900 of Wärtsilä’s 3,000 employees in Vaasa were able to work under one roof. In addition, a strategically important global Smart Support Centre was created for Wärtsilä in the property. The property was designed and built with environmental considerations in mind so that environmental certification could be applied for. In addition, a comprehensive solar energy system on the south façade and roofs reduced the amount of delivered energy.

The developer and initial owner of the property was Vaasa Parks. The ownership of the property was transferred to Nordisk Renting Oy in 2018.

Contact person: Mikko Harju and Ulla Mäki-Lohiluoma

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